How to keep your network of contacts active

The success of networking depends a lot on your investment before, during, and after the events. For this it is necessary to have some cards up your sleeve, such as the famous...

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


May 18, 2021

How to expand your networking during the pandemic.

The success of networking depends a lot on your investment before, during, and after the events. For this it is necessary to have some cards up your sleeve, such as the famous Coffee Break and Happy Hour.  Don't look for these events only when you need them, because you will give a very cold impression to other professionals and the estimate that you will show interest in a negative way is high. So, try to fit it into your routine so that when you need contacts, people will already know who you are and your contacts will feel more comfortable. 

Here are some practices that can be used to help you on these occasions: 

Brunch and Coffee Break 

Business events such as workshops, courses, and seminars get boring and tiring when there is no break. Despite having a theme of interest to the audience and being very interactive, the human body can't keep the same mood from the beginning, nor the focus if the duration is long. In this case, it is possible to have a coffee break, which is nothing more than a break for coffee and snacks. Or, depending on the time, a brunch that is a little more elaborate because it is during lunch time, and therefore tends to have more elaborate meals. 

They are primordial for the professional's energy recovery and a great opportunity for networking through the exchange of ideas about the theme approached in the event, accompanied by a meal. In a light way, it is one of the moments to establish new connections through a relaxed conversation that interests both parties. 

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is another moment of relaxation like brunch and coffee break, the difference is that it has a more fun and personal vibe. It usually takes place in bars, restaurants, or at a company location and alcoholic beverages are allowed, but the basic restrictions are still followed, after all it is still a professional meeting. 

Events like these are very beneficial for the company, because they stimulate the professional's productivity by taking place in an environment where he feels good and by working with people who become close to him. But Happy Hour doesn't just fit in there; it can happen after conferences, meetings, and workshops as a celebration among professionals. And like dinners and lunches, it is also an opportunity to get new contacts so that you can develop your business. 

During the pandemic it's a bit difficult to put this into practice, but we have some tips on how to help you keep active networking even if you can't attend face-to-face events. See the ideas below: 

Prevent your network from shrinking during the pandemic

The Yale School of Management reported that during the quarantine people's networks shrank by 16% because professionals are not being able to connect with new people. But don't panic! There are ways in cyberspace that can help you prevent this from happening. Follow me: 

Create and participate in online events

Through Zoom, Meet, Discord, Youtube you can participate in workshops, lectures or online courses. Through chat you can exchange ideas with other people and get their social networks and contact numbers to continue networking after the event. 

Social networks

After all, these are communication tools, so even if it is obvious, always pay attention to them. Don't look only at giving likes, try to comment whenever possible your opinion in order to interact more with your followers' posts.

Groups with the same interest

You can also join Linkedin and Facebook groups, for example, with people who also want to improve their networking. These groups schedule online meetings where everyone can exchange an idea and interact with each other, from these chats you can increase not only in quantity your networking but also in quality. 

With these habits you can maintain and even improve your network of contacts, even if at the moment we cannot participate in face-to-face events! If you like the blog and have any other tips in mind that we haven't mentioned, comment and tell us a bit about them!

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