How to present your networking at events

To expand your network of contacts, you need good networking and ClickCard is a specialist in this, especially if your goal is to stand out in academic or business events.

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


May 10, 2021

ClickCard makes the process of exchanging contacts natural.

As in any action, networking also has its philosophy and with it professional relationships are sought from interactions in both online and face-to-face events. But why would you invest in your networking? Well, it's not easy to keep pace when your work or project is not recognized, we constantly need that push, so you should try to meet new professionals and increase your network of contacts to consequently find new and good business opportunities.

Networking is nothing more than your network of relationships, but it doesn't act alone, you need to invest time for it to have the effect you expect so much. But don't despair or get bored, because usually such relationships are built by always having something in common and you just need to know how to cultivate them. Remembering that today the internet allows us several means of contact, so if you think outside the box, there are millions of people who may be interested in you and your project, in addition to being able to fall in love with other ideas that are out of your field of vision.

In virtual and face-to-face events, you can get a taste of the guests to exchange knowledge, increase your contacts, meet new people and projects, as well as to strengthen and deepen the ones you already have. It's on these occasions that ClickCard helps you to promote your career, because people also look for market updates, what's new out there. In addition to helping your networking, ClickCard guarantees you a good impression when exchanging business cards. It's one more technique that you can add when preparing for academic or business meetings.

With ClickCard, the process of exchanging social networks, blogs, websites becomes more natural, demonstrating more professionalism on your part. People seek to engage your card for the simple fact that they consider it different and new. This feeling attracts even more people to you by conveying confidence and mastery of your networking.

Channels to do your networking

Social media plays a key role in networking, as it is where everyone connects. But to stand out in them, you need technical knowledge, in addition to always feeding your followers with news. If you use your personal profile as a professional profile as well, it's good to know how to discern which controversies you should impose yourself on, as each of your followers has a different way of thinking.

There are people who always like to express their opinion regardless of the environment they are in or who they are going to, and that's okay. If you know how to speak, this does not interfere with networking and you may even receive more positive points from your followers.

Another way to show knowledge is through blogging. In order to be engaged on social media, you need an in-depth study of personas, insights and others, not to mention that you must adapt to the style of the channel through which you communicate. In fact, in any digital media it is necessary to apply SEO techniques, but they are methods that do not restrict you so much. In addition to the fact that on blogs you can open yourself up better, enter criteria that you could no longer score on social networks because of the character limits.

See some channels that can help you expand your network and interact even more with your contacts:


Linkedin shouldn't be seen as just another social network for you, it should also be your natural habitat. The social network is totally focused on networking, which generates a range of opportunities to get to know projects, ideas and people. There you can also interact with people who share the same goals as you, find business events, among others.

However, remember not to invest in Linkedin only when you are interested, keep the social network always in motion so as not to lose connections that can help you in the future.


Always be aware of your emails, that's where you should keep in touch with your connections. If you don't have time to communicate there or because you have a great demand for emails and end up getting lost, use the Gmail scheduling tool. Schedule your conversations and have them ready to be sent at a date and time consistent with each situation.


On Reddit you have a very relaxed environment to interact with your followers and several fun ways to post. They can be through the media with memes, personalized arts with reference to professional subjects, experiences shared among the users themselves, etc. It is a very unique way to entertain your contacts, in addition to allowing them to interact with each other.

Are there other channels that you know about and help you with your networking? Comment here and share your experience with us!

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