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ClickCard seeks to fulfill its mission by following its vision and respecting its values, which are based on a harmonious process between technology and nature.

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With the aim of transforming printed business cards into something more modern and sustainable, ClickCard has stood out since its inception for making networking more economical, ecological and innovative.

Pre-accelerated by AceleraMGTI 2018/2019


Among the Startups that stood out the most in 2019

ClickCard stood out in 2019

Accelerated by StartUpChile 2020


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Most recent award

In 2021, ClickCard won the TOP 5 in the Customer Service category of the 100 Open Startups, in which it competed with 2,000 other startups

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TOP 10 in Customer Service

Ranked 5th in the Customer Service category by 100 Open Startups

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TOP 100 in 100 Open Startups

Ranked among the 100 most outstanding startups, according to 100 Open Startups 2021

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