5 Eco Friendly Habits To Incorporate Into The Work Environment

Some small habits that do not require approval and that make the routine more environmentally friendly, if everyone does their part, great results can be noticed.

João Fiche


João Fiche


March 26, 2020

Use technologies that do not harm nature

Adopting ecological  measures in the workplace can sometimes be a little complicated.  There’s a lot of bureaucracy that goes into actually implementing these  idea’s into the company.

However, there are always some small habits that do not require approval and that make the routine more environmentally friendly, if everyone does their part, great results can be noticed.

In this post we’ve gathered some simple practices that can be adopted at any time.

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1- Be more cautious about using the printer

One of the main sources of paper waste is due to uncontrolled use of printers.

So the idea is to think twice about printing. Is it really necessary to print all of those sheets from that document, or is it possible to select only the most important pages that you truly need?

In addition, a great solution would be to use the option of printing double sided, so the paper consumption drops by 50%.

2 – Set the pen aside

Need to sign a document? Instead  of going through the process of printing the document, then signing and  finally having to scan it again to be able to send it to the desired  email, try using a digital signature solution. There are solutions, such as eSign Genie, that are free and allow you to add your signature directly to the PDF.

In addition to saving sheets of paper, adding your signature directly to the PDF file will save you a lot of time.

3 – Scan your to-do list

Exchange your paper to-do list  for apps on your phone that have the same functionality. Besides, you  take this list with you everywhere! You can even activate notifications on your device at specific times to remind you of the tasks that must be done.

Among a variety of apps, we recommend Trello and Todoist.

4 – Scanning paper business cards

Paper business cards are increasingly becoming obsolete.  Forgot your wallet? Did you run out of cards? Do you have a lot of them  accumulated in the bottom of your drawer? In order to avoid these  situations, switch your traditional business cards to digital ones.

In addition to saving on prints and no longer having your cards thrown in the trash, using digital business cards has several other advantages, which will bring about many benefits for you and your company.

For this, we recommend our ClickCard application. In it, you can create your personalized business card in less than 5 minutes!

5 – Receive bills by email or online

Many companies have the option of providing access to accounts and payment slips over the internet or offer sending them through email.

By choosing this type of service, you will reduce the amount of garbage and paper  accumulated in various folders, after all, keeping all these files  saved on your computer is much easier. In addition, you will no longer  have the risk of receiving your account overdue, that typically results  from unforeseen circumstances of postal delivery.

Did you find these habits useful and easy to execute? Share these ideas with your colleagues and start a wave of a greener work environment – each doing their part.

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