How to organize an event online

With the pandemic, we resorted to the online world to continue to practice what we were used to doing in person, such as business events, conferences and others...

Raquel Medeiros


Raquel Medeiros


May 24, 2021

How to organize an event during the pandemic and generate credibility for your brand.

During the pandemic, we had to resort to the online environment to continue to practice what we were used to doing in person, such as: business events, conferences, among others. But in order not to stop with our projects and work, we need not only to participate in events and workshops, but also to create them. Thus bringing more autonomy and voice to our brand.

During the pandemic, we found ourselves even more in the digital space, but there is also an obstacle that people began to experience as the quarantine progressed: there was a saturation of lives in the market and over time it became something new, as many people got tired of it. look at a cell phone or computer screen.

With that, your first thought when creating an event should not only be about the content, but also the interaction you can provide from it with your audience to gain their interest from start to finish.

Here is a tutorial which can help you take the first step towards creating events:


First, come up with ideas. Brainstorm and then organize them according to your central objective without being sorry to discard ideas that you think are not so relevant for the moment.

With the objective well clarified, try to base it on it to direct each stage of the event. Soon you can think about building the theme of the event and how to apply it according to the target audience.

To know how to apply it, you must think like your audience's personas and understand their interests, presenting them in a correct and attractive way. The audience is looking for new and remarkable experiences, so try to stand out from other events with creativity and efficiency. Participants must end the event with a taste of wanting more and looking forward to another one. They should not leave tired but inspired.

Creative title

To have a positive first impression and get your audience's attention, you need a well-crafted name for your project. It must be something that generates credibility and that comes with the proposal of the event right away. Hashtags at these times help a lot to boost your post, in addition to providing some more ideas on the topic and what will be addressed to those interested.

Try to convey the proposal of the events in a creative way with the title and remember: your presentation is very important and so is its impact, but you must be faithful to what you promise with the title and with the rest of all the publicity .

Target Audience

When choosing the theme and ideas that will be addressed at the event, present them in a way that catches the attention of your audience in particular. To understand more deeply how your audience thinks and acts, try to research their emotions and thoughts. It can be via forms, interviews and polls on social networks... From there you will have a better idea of how to interact and approach the subjects that will be presented at the event.

How online projects and events can build credibility

Credibility is built daily through its commitment to the public. His trust in your brand depends on how faithfully your proposals are and how authentic they are. But to pass the credibility of your product to outsiders, you first need to believe in what you do and what you work for. Try to share your experiences, ideas and inspirations with your audience. Don't be afraid to humanize your brand.

Here are some techniques that may help you:

Accurate information

Always seek to be objective with the information, if you have an idea or opinion of your own to expose, always seek to base it on a scientific study or data. This habit enriches your product and people give more credibility to what you say.

Always seek to inform in an enlightening way so that those who are reading, watching or listening can understand and have their possible internal questions answered as the content progresses.


Work well on the advertising part of your project and brand, although when done in high demand it can be harmful, at least once a week it's good to show your audience what you work on and succinctly present your product. Remember the engagement she will have, so look for a design that draws attention, but not so exaggerated and flashy as to disrupt communication. Make it a post in harmony with the product and convey the main idea of the project.

Complete Structure

It seeks to have a well-crafted structure, be it technical or communication. It ranges from electronic devices to responses to interactions, involving disclosure before and after the project or event occurred. Look for a reliable platform to showcase your work and always let your audience know what's going on, even if they're not following you live. Instigate him to this, show the positive points of your project when being monitored in real time.

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