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ClickCard is an all-in-one contact management solution for networking and next generation digital business cards.

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Whether you are an individual micro entrepreneur, startup or large company, we have solutions to help you generate more business from your digital business card.

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Digital business card creation

Make your business cards digital and interactive. Increase your effectiveness by saving time and money while contributing to the environment. With the ClickCard app your company will have a unique and personalized digital business card for your employees, that can be created in less than 2 minutes.

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Contact Management

With our digital wallet, all the contacts that you receive will be organized and up-to-date, whether they are digital or not. You can store all paper business cards you receive using our smart scanner. In addition, you can export all your contacts to your preferred CRM or share them between teams. All contacts can be exported to your phonebook as well.

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Smart Sharing

Talking about the effectiveness of sending your digital business card, all your contacts will receive your digital card regardless of if they have the ClickCard app or not. Just choose the way you want to share, WhatsApp, Email, QR Code, Proximity and more. Enjoy sharing your contact information easily.

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Analytics in real time

Ever wondered how many clicks your social networks or your website get due to shared business cards? With the ClickCard app you can view the metrics of your digital business cards and know for the first time how effective they are across your whole company.

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Digital Business Card Search

With the ClickCard app, you can make your digital business cards available in our search and also find new business opportunities by searching for someone’s name, profession or company, allowing new business connections and networking.

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Daniel de Paula

Community Associate, WeWork

“We implemented ClickCard cards for the community of businesses at WeWork in Belo Horizonte and the result was excellent. It is very easy to make connections between the members because the information is just a click away and it is more practical to scan the QR Code than to store a conventional card.”


By creating, selling, distributing and managing digital business cards, we have been growing every day together with our clients:

digital business cards generated in our platform per month

more sales conversions for our customers and partners
companies that are more digital, sustainable and innovative

of requests in our APIs per month

Present in different segments

Consolidated Market Share, including some of the leaders in each industry sector


Petrol and Gas



Law firms






See some examples of digital business cards of our clients

We provide your company and you, digital business cards with the branding and design that you want or you can have your own team design it and we integrate it into our platform

What can I add to my ClickCard?

You can add pretty much anything to your digital business cards. For example: buttons to call, email, social media, add contact, location, call to action, etc.  All with your company’s brand and identity, plus, all the information that makes sense for your business. The best part is that when you send to your client or supplier, with one click this person can access all the information on your card.

Your digital card also has a QR Code.

Try this functionality now, on iPhone scan the code below with your phone camera, on Android scan with Google Lens.

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