7 Advantages of Having a Digital Business Card

Pessoas utilizando o aplicativo da ClickCard e sua vantagem em relação aos cartões de visita tradicionais

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Table of Contents

The new trend.

They are conquering the market because more and more people want to share their professional information quickly, conveniently and securely. Technology is increasingly present in the daily lives of people, and with the constant change of technology some habits must be modified in order to keep up with new trends and with the current digital age.

Below we list the 7 advantages of digital business cards and why they are increasingly used:

About 88% of traditional business cards distributed are discarded. This occurs not because of the lack of interest in the contact of the person who delivered it, but because of the lack of places to store and organise them. Thus, when the person actually needs the contact, the card is nowhere to be found.

With digital business cards, you can save them and store them on your phone effortlessly. This allows you to find them easily, whenever you need them.

For every 100 customers using the digital business card, two trees are saved. Therefore, by adopting digital cards, you and your company will be helping to preserve the environment.

Digital cards are responsive, that is, with just one click you are directed to make calls, send emails and enter social networks. With that, making calls, for example, becomes much more practical and you don’t risk making an unwanted call by misdialing the wrong number.

Imagine that you are at an event and there you meet someone. You mention your job and that person is interested in your service, and asks for your professional contact. You check your pockets but then remember that you don’t have your business cards with you, because you didn’t think you would need them. Due to this little slip up, you end up losing a possible customer or lead.

However, with digital business cards this would not have happened, as you would have had it with you on your cell phone.

In the ClickCard app, you can share your contact in an unlimited way through any digital media, such as WhatsApp, social networks, sms messages, e-mail and more.

If you change your phone number or any other information, you would have to order new business cards and throw away the old ones. With the digital card, making these updates become more easy and fast, since it’s instantaneous. You won’t have to wait days for your new cards to arrive. It’s also economical, as you won’t need to pay for printing more cards. They are also ecological, since you won’t have to dispose of old cards.

You will make a great impression by presenting your digital business card in an exclusive and innovative way.

When asked if you have a business card on hand, answer “No, I have something better”. Then, present your digital business card. This response catches the other person’s attention and is definitely an interesting start to a conversation.

Being digital, you can share your cards with people far away from you. Thus, your networking becomes more comprehensive and is not restricted only to those close to you. You will be able to deliver your data by sharing your card through the internet, such as WhatsApp, social networks, e-mail and sms messages.

Taking into account all the points presented as advantages of the digital business cards, it becomes very clear that it’s worth having yours. As for the creation, there are already several companies that perform this service, some of them offer this service free of charge, like us! So what are you waiting for? ClickCard can help you with creating yours!

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Empresas como a WeWork, Belgo, Supergasbras, etc. já estão aproveitando dos benefícios de serem empresas digitais. Deixe-nos te mostrar o que a ClickCard pode fazer por sua empresa também.

Empresas como a WeWork, Belgo, Supergasbras, etc. já estão aproveitando dos benefícios de serem empresas digitais. Deixe-nos te mostrar o que a ClickCard pode fazer por sua empresa também.